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Fast, Professional and Affordable Data Recovery Solutions

At Tech Source, we understand that losing your files and photos can be devastating. We want to help the residents of the Hawaii get their data back, FAST! Tech Source offers professional, fast, and economical data recovery services for businesses and individuals who experience data loss because of hard drive failures, software corruption, human errors, or even natural disasters. If we can't get your data back, no charge.

Level 1


Typical data recovery via software. This is the best solution for most cases, like when someone has accidentally deleted files or software has become corrupt.

Level 2


Sometimes a drive failure is not just software related. The storage device will need to be repaired at a hardware level and parts will need to be fixed / replaced.

Level 3

Costs Vary

When a storage device has been badly damaged or the data is extremely valuable, the drive is sent to a clean room where special equipment is used to recover data.


Signs of a failing drive

  • Constant clicking noise coming from computer.
  • Buzzing or grinding noise coming from computer.
  • Constant quiet beeping noises.
  • Computer locks up, unable to move your mouse.
  • Computer displays SMART error, hard drive failure detected please backup and replace hard drive.
  • Blue screen of death.
  • Extreme sluggishness on your computer, things that normally take a few seconds can take minutes even hours.

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If you encounter these signs...

If you encounter any of these signs, you should stop using the computer or drive. Continued use can make data recovery more difficult.

If your hard drive is failing