Hawaii Computer Repair & Tech Support

Computer Repair for Mac & PC

Computers are prone to breaking. There are many small problems, physical and virtual that can turn into large problems later. We offer stress free repairs and upgrades on all brands of laptops and desktop computers including Macs. We can also build a custom PC just for you.

Computer Repair


Flat Rate Repair $99

We don't charge you for the diagnostic and then charge you again for the repair. We also do general maintenance and clean up your system. While keeping all your important documents and irreplaceable data safe.

(Parts not included)


Island Wide! $99 per hour

Our experienced technicians can get you an answer for your problem and options to fix it fast. One flat hourly rate no separate or hidden charges. We wont charge you for travel time, pick up or delivery. So give us a try and we'll give you quick results with lots of aloha.

(Parts not included) (1 hour minimum)
Virus Removal

Spyware & Malware Removal

Having problems with some form of malware, spyware, virus or potentially unwanted program.

What you should do...

Disconnect your computer from the internet. Connecting to the internet while infected my cause more problems.

Contact us before it harms your computer or steals your data.

Hard Drive Failure?

If you are getting a lot of freezing/crashing or the BSoD. This indicates that your hard drive may failing. If this is the case your data is at risk. You should actually stop using the hard drive or computer and contact us immediately. Ongoing use of the drive can make data recovery more difficult.

Data Recovery Backup Service
Upgrades and Installations

Is your computer slow and not performing well? Just want to make an upgrade? We can handle everything from ordering your parts to installing them. If you ask us we will handle everything from beginning to end. All you have to do is kick back, relax and wait for your parts to be installed. Most upgrades can be done in under an hour once we have the parts.

Computer Repair
Computer Repair
Custom and Gaming PCs

We can create a custom computer suited to your gaming, travel, business or family PC needs. Our professional expertise and extensive customization services guarantees that you will have a PC, laptop, netbook or tablet perfectly suited to your computer experience.

Your new custom computer is all about you. That's why we will not only install any software that you bring in, we will also transfer all the data from your old computer to your new one. We will work hard to ensure that your new machine is optimized for top performance

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